Zarah Abellana | Photo by : Condrado Arcillas

“Skill wins matches. Heart wins medals. The MILO Little Olympics is the grand nationwide tournament that witnesses the winning energy and winning attitude of the country's young champions.” – MILO

September 8-10, 2016 – Visayan Nazarene Bible College invades MILO Little Olympics 2016. The event started with the search for Miss Milo Little Olympics 2016 with contestants from two different categories – Elementary and High School. When asked how she was feeling prior to the competition, our very own Miss Milo Little Olympics representative Zarah Abellana, a Grade 9 student, expressed how she couldn’t contain her excitement and was ready to take on the stage. With her demure personality and simple but sensational beauty, Ms. Abellana charms the crowd. She may not have won the crown but Ms. Abellana bagged something equally as much, a lesson in which she shared to us in a recent interview:

“The most important lesson I learned [from the competition] is that sometimes, it’s not just about winning, rather it’s opening oneself to various opportunities –that’s the greatest reward in a competition. To bring home a lot of fun memories and have new friends. ”

The event was graced by the beauty of Ms. Gazini Christiana Ganados, one of the judges of the competition, and once reined as a Miss Milo Little Olympics on the year 2011. She is also a 2013 Miss World Finalist and the Miss Cesafi 2016 College Division grand winner, and we’re blessed to catch an exclusive interview with her.

*John Paul Mendoza and Shaun Costo for Espada y Daga | Photo by: SGP

The games have finally started. After months of training, the time has finally come for the student athletes to compete.

Congratulations to Mr. John Paul Mendoza for bagging a bronze medal by winning the third place for Espada y Daga. You showed the fierceness of a true VNBC Eagle, not afraid to soar and face the challenges along your way and being victorious in overcoming them. And to all the athletes, you made VNBC proud! The struggles that came with your training, the shots that you missed, the hits that did not count, the words that did not make sense, the acts that were considered out, the tears and sweat that you shed, the injuries that you endured, the disappointments of the goals not met – all of these would pave the path where God will lead you to. Milo Little Olympics isn’t the end. Plan it, Do it!

Miss Milo Little Olympics High School Candidates Batch 1 | PB: SGP

VNBC High School Students with Ms. Gazini | PB: SGP

VNBC High School Students with USPF Miss Milo Little Olympics Candidate| PB: SGP