"Stronger Together"

Indisputably A Family Day

Under the beautiful sun of December 2, 2016, Visayan Nazarene Bible College held Family and Thanksgiving Day carrying the theme, “Stronger Together” which turned out a success as the day ended. The heat did not become a reason for the teams blue, green, pink, red and yellow to slow down, yet fired them up all the more. Each team was a variation of basic education students, college students and faculty and staff, who proudly stood for their family color. The official opening of the event hit 8:30am. Cheering crowd shook the ground of the fully packed V.N.B.C. Chapel. Praises of gratitude and thanksgiving echoed V.N.B.C. from a multitude of families. It was warmly welcomed in a family attitude by Rev. Josefin Ano-os, current Institution O.I.C. and hearts were filled with an immense inspirational family message as Ptr. Al Argo gave words about “The Secret of Family Unity”. Families were challenged even further through the message to be one not only today, but in facing the future.Hearts were also challenged and opened

to give to the mighty God on the thanksgiving challenge by Rev. Leo Mahanlud, giving out what their hearts can offer. That was part one of the awesome family day.Roars grew louder on the second and third part of the event involving flag raising, cheering, tent decorating and family-challenging game. Despite the scorching heat, everyone was able to play with smile, not even minding the times they fall. All the laid out games squeezed out everyone’s competitive juices. By the end of the day, awards were given by point system and placing were: firth is green team, next is the blue team, then the pink, followed by the red and lead by the yellow team who happen to be this year’s champion. It was commenced by a prayer and the acknowledgment of all who were behind the event, those who made it a success and of course, thanking the God Almighty. After all, joy was evident on the faces of many. Enjoying as a family was the main goal of the event; teaching each one to value their family and community. Truly it was a proof that one may be strong alone but is stronger when together!